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          Waste Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Solution
          • suliaolianyou
          • Waste Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Solution
          • Waste Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Solution
          • Waste Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Solution

          Waste Plastic Pyrolysis to Oil Solution

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          Every day 3-20 tons of waste plastic cracking oil equipment solutions.
          First, the prospects for the development of the project
          With the rapid development of the plastic industry, the application of plastic products is also more and more widely, a large number of applications, in the life of people to bring many convenience, but also caused a lot of trouble. It is difficult to break down in the natural environment, a lot of waste caused serious environmental pollution. At present, the main treatment methods of plastic waste are landfill, incineration, recycling of waste plastics. However, the landfill and incineration will cause two pollution, while the recycling of waste plastics is very limited, such as domestic waste plastic and paper mills, “gone with the wind” industrial waste plastic and so on, but can not be recycled. Along with the international crude oil prices continue to rise, used for refining fuel oil from waste plastics has been paid attention to by all the countries in the world, oil refining waste plastics can be avoided by waste plastics on the environment pollution and bring certain economic benefits.
          Domestic for waste plastic oil refining equipment for vertical furnace or horizontal boiler, there are the defects of uneven and slow pyrolysis, the service life of the furnace body short furnace heated. Our company after several years of research and development, launched a new efficient and environmentally friendly lmd-bp series unit and solid composite catalyst, the unit has some advantages:
          1, environmental protection: mainly through the flue cooler and atomizing dust removal system, to achieve the purpose of removing dust, dust removal rate can reach more than 95%.
          2, the energy-saving: fuel oil refining process, some under normal temperature and pressure liquefaction of combustible gas, through the exhaust gas to burn system burning in the bottom of the reaction kettle, can avoid air pollution and saving fuel.
          3 and efficient: fuel oil refining reactor for 360 degree rotation structure, this unique structure, enable the reaction kettle is heated evenly, not only can increase the lifetime of the reaction kettle and can improve the cracking speed of raw materials, coupled with our company to develop the solid composite catalyst, raw material cracking speed far more than the currently used vertical furnace and furnace horizontal speed.
          Two, BP series of units of several major characteristics
          Composition of equipment
          1, catalytic pyrolysis reaction processor
          Two, 2 catalytic tower
          3, cooling system
          4, feeding system
          5, pressure, temperature alarm system
          6, electronic control system
          7, fully automatic slag discharging system and safety system
          8, environmental protection system and exhaust gas return system
          Two, a unique system
          1 catalytic pyrolysis reactor
          The device in the design, completely overcome the current vertical and horizontal autoclave heating uneven, easy to fracture, low yield, short service life and so on. Our company has designed a rotating kettle overcomes the shortcomings mentioned above, the horizontal rotate 360 degrees structure and rotation per minute 1.0 or 1.2 turn, the kettle body is heated, increase the heating area and improve the cracking rate of raw materials.
          2 slag system
          At present, the domestic production of the reactor, due to the fixed structure, so the slag is slow, the slag is not clean and other unfavorable factors. And the unique design of the rotary kettle, the use of slag to achieve full automatic, with a slag speed, slag clean and other advantages.
          3 environmental protection system
          Dust: our company designed the wet flue dust and dry type S dust control system, with the desulfurization and dust collector, dust removal rate of 95% or more, smoke and dust emissions can reach GB 13271 – 2001 related standards. Completely solve the problem of black smoke is not environmental protection. Dust by wet dust removal chamber and a dry S-shaped dust-proof room can remove the smoke, discharge, due to the adoption of the draught fan device, so the pipe can be buried.
          Waste: waste plastics by catalytic pyrolysis, there will be some solid residue, about 5% to about 10% of the weight of the waste plastic. Its main component is coarse black. As a raw material for the production of carbon black industry, and by the raw material of the thermal power plant of coal fly ash mixture can be as a raw material for manufacture of fly ash brick (a kind of environmentally friendly building materials). Because the ash environmental pollution, we adopted a national patent technology of slag.
          Wastewater: in the entire production process, only the condenser and cooler water, while it is cooling effect, can recycling, water seal inside the 1 tons produced only 50 kilograms of waste water volume is easy to deal with special flue waste heat and in the processing.
          4 exhaust gas return system
          With waste plastics, waste rubber refining fuel oil in the process, some under normal temperature and pressure liquefaction of combustible gas, such as direct emissions can cause air pollution. Our company has independently developed the medium pressure gas burner, effectively solve the this problem, waste gas through the water seal and tempering stop for two safety device, fully combusted on the bottom, on the one hand can prevent atmospheric pollution, on the other hand can save a lot of fuel
          1, waste plastics due to the composition of the different, the cracking behavior is also different, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) in 300-400. And polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the 200-300 C and 300-400 C sub two segment decomposition. The HCL is released at a lower temperature, and the hydrocarbon generation is produced, and then further decomposed at a higher temperature. HCL has a certain corrosive effect on the equipment, and it also affects the cracking catalyst and service life, the quality of diesel oil and gasoline. Therefore, the general requirements of the pyrolysis of PVC waste plastic content is not more than 30%.
          2, catalytic pyrolysis products, different plastic due to the molecular structure of a large difference, and thus the composition and recovery of catalytic pyrolysis products are not the same. In general, thermal decomposition produces four kinds of products: hydrocarbon gas (C1-C5), oil (the number of gasoline carbon molecules is C5-C11, the number of diesel carbon molecules is C12-C20, the number of heavy oil carbon molecules is C20), paraffin and coke.
          Table 1. The recovery rate of catalytic cracking and the composition and content of the products.

          原  料 PE/% PP/% PS/% 混雜/%
          收受接管率 氣 體 氣 體 氣 體 氣 體
          93.2 6.3 83.4 14.6 91.9 6.1 90.0 6.0

          3, the equipment produced by the fuel oil technical indicators (as shown in Table 2)
          Table 2 main indexes of oil products using waste plastics as main raw materials

          項目 單元 燃料油
          密度 g/cm3 0.82-0.83
          凝點 oC 10
          閃點 oC 25
          活動粘度 mPa.s 8
          熄滅值 kJ/kg 9500

          Three, production process
          With BP series unit producing fuel oil has the advantages of simple process, safety, the entire production process are carried out at atmospheric pressure, fuel oil refining raw materials without cleaning and purifying directly to the raw materials and catalyst input rotation in the kettle, heating, catalytic, cracking, cooling into fuel oil.
          Four, a wide range of raw materials processing
          1, industrial and domestic waste, waste plastics, waste plastic originated varieties of plastic film (including plastic packaging bags and plastic sheeting), plastic wire and weaving, foam products, plastics boxes and containers, cable coating material and all kinds of daily-use sundry goods, sports and entertainment, health preserving health and plastic products for daily use, which film, foam, boxes and containers, weaving, sheet of plastic products is mainly used for plastic packaging. In addition, there are a number of other plastic packaging products (such as plastic pallets), agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), decorative decoration with a higher rate of scrap plastic products.
          Plastic packaging, TV, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic communication equipment such as computer, mobile phone, VCD, DVD, CD and CD renewal speed, the annual end-of-life a sharp rise in the number of, has brought the serious environmental problem of plastics is an important part of household electrical appliances division, the resulting annual renewable plastics for at least 15 million T, if we take into account the electronic communications equipment for renewable plastic scrap, the number of about 20 million tons. The amount of plastic parts has reached about 000 tons, in the field of industrial facilities, information, transportation, aerospace and other fields are widely used, product replacement soon. With the gradual entry of such products into a large number of scrapped, becoming an important source of waste plastics.
          2, waste rubber tires, waste cable;
          3, waste oil (waste oil, waste oil, waste oil etc.);
          4, waste oil, etc..
          Five, investment conditions and economic efficiency analysis
          Equipment technical parameters

          序號 項目 內容
          1 設備型號 BP-3型 BP-5型 BP-10型 WZ-12型
          2 設備價錢 8.8萬 14.8萬 28.8萬 面議
          3. 日處置原料 1.5噸(5立方 4-6噸(12立方) 8-10噸(35立方) 12噸以上
          4 扭轉釜(MM) 1600* 2200*4000 2600*6000 2800*6600
          5 構造情勢 臥式扭轉 臥式扭轉 臥式扭轉 臥式扭轉
          6 機組壓力 常壓 常壓 常壓 常壓
          7 扭轉轉速 1.2轉/分鍾 0.4轉/分鍾 0.4轉/分鍾 0.4轉/分鍾
          8 扭轉動力 4kw 4kw 7.5kw 8KW
          9 冷卻方法 水冷 水冷 水冷 水冷
          10 輪回水量 1.2t/h 1.5t/h 1.8 t/h   2.5 t/h
          11 遷移轉變方法 齒輪遷移轉變 齒輪遷移轉變 齒輪遷移轉變 齒輪遷移轉變
          12 裝置方法 有基本 有基本 有基本 有基本
          13 噪聲dB(A) ≤62 ≤65 ≤70 ≤70
          14 裝置工期 20天 25天 25天 30天

          Two, investment conditions <BP-10 type equipment as an example
          Equipment investment 400 thousand yuan, does not contain construction funds and liquidity. Venue 300-400 square, plant 100 square. 380 V power, 4 – 3 people.
          Three, benefit analysis to BP10 for example < daily processing 10 tons of raw materials.

          No. Project Plastic from MSW  Plastic from Paper mill 
          1 Raw material prices 800 RMB/Ton 400RMB/Ton
          2 Raw material cost 10*800=8000RMB 10*400=4000RMB
          3 catalyzer 150RMB 150RMB
          4 Labor cost 6 workers*30RMB/DAY=180RMB 6workers*30RMB/DAY=180RMB
          5 Coal cost 400KG 400RMB 400KG 400RMB
          6 Water and electricity cost 200RMB 200RMB
          7 other cost 50RMB 50RMB
          8 total cost 8980RMB 4980RMB
          9 oil price 3500RMB/T 3500RMB/T
          10 oil capacity 10T*50%=5.00T 10T*40%=4T
          11 Daily input value 5T*3500RMB/T=17500RMB 4T*3500RMB/T=14000RMB
          12 Daily profit 17500RMB-8980RMB=8520RMB 10800RMB-4980RMB=5820RMB
          13 Monthly profit 8520RMB*25DAYS/M=21RMB 5820RMB*25DAYS/M=145500RMB
          14 Annual profit (10 months) 210RMB 1455000RMB

          Four, investment recovery analysis
          The BP10 type unit as an example, the equipment into the plant within 30 working days after the completion of. Total investment can be recovered within two months.







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