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          Pyrolysis Plant

          20 tons CP-20 continuous pyrolysis equipment
          • CP-20
          • 20 tons CP-20 continuous pyrolysis equipment
          • 20 tons CP-20 continuous pyrolysis equipment
          • 20 tons CP-20 continuous pyrolysis equipment

          20 tons CP-20 continuous pyrolysis equipment

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          CP-30  continuous waste tyre pyrolysis oil equipment, using clean energy heating mode, use all sorts of useless old tire products and scrap, in micro negative pressure under the catalytic pyrolysis to produce fuel. The production process can achieve automatic feeding, automatic mixing, automatic production, automatic slag, the full realization of the continuous industrial production. Complete set of equipment for closed clean production, no secondary pollution discharge; atmospheric pressure operation, good safety; cracking furnace heating and cooling speed, high thermal efficiency, long service life, easy operation and maintenance; equipment covers an area of less, not limited by terrain and regions, to adapt to a wide range, convenient installation and transportation; oil rate (45%); good quality oil (light oil); at the same time, the production of pyrolytic carbon black quality excellent, good quality. The whole set of equipment quality and low price, only 1/10 of the price of similar equipment in foreign countries, in the international market with a strong competitive. Market prospect is very broad.
          First, product features:
          1 to achieve the safety of the production process, large-scale, continuous and energy saving and environmental treatment requirements;
          2 equipment using indirect heating method, improve the heating efficiency, greatly extended the life of the main equipment;
          The use of advanced low-temperature cracking patented process, to achieve a continuous industrial production, from the fundamental to eliminate the environmental protection and security risks
          4 patented heating technology and the unique thermal dispersion of heating technology with low-temperature sulfur transfer catalyst so that the material is heated evenly, high oil yield, oil and carbon black quality is good.
          5 production line can be used as a fuel for gas purification after the heating system, and the use of waste heat recycling process, high thermal efficiency, reduce operating costs.
          6 low temperature cracking process makes the safety performance and equipment life greatly improved.
          7 special flue gas purification system can remove all pollutants in flue gas: H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that emissions targets to reach the requirements of the European and American high standard.
          8 the whole system can use PLC programmable logic control system, the control point can be automatically controlled, with data acquisition, operation, recording, printing reports, alarm and other functions.
          Two, process flow:
          Production process of waste tire pyrolysis
          Production process of waste tire pyrolysis
          1. The waste tire broken into required for cleavage of the rubber block, and low-temperature sulfur transfer catalyst together through into the material by the heat sealing device continuously sent to the cracker, under atmospheric pressure and low temperature cracking reaction
          2 pyrolysis oil and gas through the fractionation of the oil cooler, the fuel oil and a small amount of fuel oil can be obtained (after purification system for personal use)
          3. After cleavage obtained solid product coarse carbon black and a small amount of wire, after magnetic separation, the coarse black automatic conveying to carbon black production system, by grinding and a series of processing, industrial use of carbon black or other high value-added chemical products. After the separation of the steel scrap processing.
          4 after the purification system can be used as fuel for heating system, heating system using waste heat recycling, greatly saving energy consumption, reduce the operating cost of equipment. The flue gas produced by the production line is discharged after being purified by the flue gas purification system.
          Waste plastics cracking process
          1 after crushing the mixed waste plastic, the feeding machine is continuously fed into the reactor, and the initial heat is heated in the conveying process, the PVC low melting point plastic is broken, so that the HCl and other materials are separated and processed.
          2 the raw material is continuously fed into the reactor, and dispersed by the dispersing system, the constant temperature heating system provides heat for the cracking unit, and the cracking and cracking reaction can be completed under the action of the high efficiency catalyst.
          3 pyrolysis oil and gas by fractionation tower, and fixed bed two gas phase catalysis, dehydration and other processes, the high quality of fuel oil and a small amount of gas (system for personal use)
          4 a small amount of non condensing combustible gas can be purified by a gas purification system, and the system is supplied with a cracking system for fuel, and the system is self supplying, and the combustion flue gas is discharged after being purified by the flue gas system.
          5 raw material after the completion of a small amount of solid residue, automatic continuous removal from the reactor, can be made into a fuel rod to do harmless treatment
          Waste plastics cracking process
          Three, technical parameters are detailed below the parameter table
          Four, oil refining processor applicable products and industries

          Three, technical parameters are detailed below the parameter table
          Four, oil refining processor applicable products and industries
          Raw oil yield
          The general plastics (Note: PET polyester not refining)
          Polyvinyl chloride: PVC (such as film, cable, floor, pipe, plate, pipe, shoes, toys, doors and windows, wire skin, stationery, etc.) is not easy to oil refining
          Polyethylene, PE (such as films, bottles, electrical insulation materials, handbags, pipes, drums, beverage bottles / calcium bottle, daily necessities, etc.) pure out of the oil rate of 95% about
          Polypropylene: PP (such as film, plastic rope, food containers, pots, barrels, furniture, woven bags, caps, car bumper, etc.) pure oil rate of about 90%
          PS: PS (such as electrical appliances, stationery, cups, food containers, household appliances, electrical accessories, foam products, toys, etc.) pure oil rate of about 90%
          ABS Engineering Plastics: about 40%
          Pure white plastic cloth: 70%
          Instant noodle packaging bag: 40% or so
          Plastic trademark: about 20%
          The paper mill wastes (about high water content of about 15-20%, dry 60%)
          Direct out: 12-15%
          After rinsing: 33-40% or so
          Sink material: 50% or so
          Life garbage 30-50% or so, about 20% miscellaneous material
          Pure plastic cable around 80%
          Clean plastic bags more than 50%
          The general rubber:
          Big car tires 45% or so (steel wire more oil less points)
          The car tires, bicycle tires around 35%
          Rubber cable leather, shoes and soles around 30% mixed shoes around 35% shoes 20-30%
          Waste chemical fiber carpet material: more than 30%
          PMMA (organic glass) about 40%
          Miscellaneous rubber: about 35%
          Tires: steel wire, rubber, carbon black, cracking speed slightly faster.
          Plastic: a little more than a little more, the cracking speed is slow.
          Five, cracking equipment using fuel
          1 wood
          2 fuel oil production
          3: coal and bituminous coal, incense carbon (recommended)
          4 days gas (recommended)
          5 Diesel
          Six, cracking equipment main terminal products
          1. The use of waste plastic (paper mill waste plastics) refined fuel oil: density of 0.80 + 0.02, color dark red, burning value of 8500 kcal.
          2 fuel oil using waste rubber refining: density was 0.90 + 0.02, color black, combustion value is 10500-10100 kcal.


          CP-20 specification
          Model CP-20
          Work type Continuous type
          Applicable material Scrap tires (need to be crushed), waste plastics, waste rubber, waste oil, asphalt, etc.
          Capacity 20 T/Day
          working pressure Micro negative pressure(<0.02MPA)
          Heating fuel Coal, firewood, natural gas, liquefied gas, tire oil, plastic oil
          oil rate 40%-45%(Scrap tires)50%-80%(waste plastics)
          Carbon yield 30%-35%
          Gas yield 5%-10%
          Power 50KW
          Material Boiler steel Q245
          Cooling water cooling
          control mode control cabinet
          service life 8-10 years





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