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          -12-15Industry News

          solid waste treatment enterprises listing and financing will continue to be hot in 5 years

          The solid waste industry in the next five years or 45 listing Corporation
          Five years later, China waste industries will be like? On December 12, Tsinghua University, School of environment, environmental protection industry, deputy director of the research center Xue Tao in the “ eighth waste strategy forum” said field of solid waste is in the era of leading a business model innovation and technological innovation, industrial solid waste may have 45 listed companies.
          Solid waste mainly includes garbage, industrial solid waste and hazardous waste. Societe Generale Securities OTC business ministry announced the same day the research report shows that in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s total solid waste, which industrial solid waste annual compound growth rate reached about 16%, with the advance of urbanization and urban population growth, the total amount of municipal solid waste is also increasing.
          Data show that in 2012 the amount of transportation has reached about 1.71 tons. Since 2004, China has surpassed the United States as the world’s largest domestic waste producer, is expected to 2030, China’s annual production of waste nearly 5 tons.
          At the same time, during the twelfth five year period, China’s investment in solid waste treatment industry significantly accelerated, accounting for a significant increase in the proportion of investment in environmental protection, China’s waste solid treatment industry will usher in a period of rapid development.
          Industry forecasts, the “12th Five Year” period, the size of China’s environmental protection industry investment will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, of which solid waste processing industry will reach 80 billion yuan, the urban living garbage harmless treatment facilities construction with a total investment of about 263.6 billion yuan, industrial solid waste resource of the size of the industry is expected to reach 12 billion yuan.
          At present, about 20 listing Corporation in the field of solid waste. Xue Tao, as an important field of the environmental protection industry, solid waste industry is faced with the standard of increasingly high, tighter regulation, social participation and the effect oriented four “new normal” external environment, industry resources, integration, specialization, branding and information five development trend.
          E20 Research Institute released the same day “for the next five years solid waste industry strategic map” shows that after five years, the total output value of China’s environmental industry assets will reach 4-5 trillion yuan, and this part of the environmental assets most hold in the hands of the central and local governments, one-third of them share into segments of the market, i.e. 1-2 trillion yuan of environmental assets is in the charge of 20 heavy asset group, the field of solid waste will have 14 listed assets group. Among them, 6-7 attention integrated solid waste or segments of the service for the comprehensive management, 7-8 business relates to fuse to the field of water and solid waste.
          “The field of solid waste disposal under the new norm is facing opportunity and an important period of development.” 12, vice president of Shanghai environmental group, Shanghai Environmental Health Engineering Design Institute, said Zhang Yi, corporate mergers and acquisitions will change the pattern of the market.
          Zhang Yi said that in , China’s solid waste treatment field appeared many new trends: waste incineration competition, sludge disposal by attention, started in soil remediation, cement kiln co caused by hot, speed up the PPP mode propulsion, rural garbage processing introduction of the action plan, and so on. The introduction of intensive national technology policy, industrial policy, price policy, fiscal policy, for the development of industrial solid waste create important opportunities.
          A prediction, the future development trend of the industry will be “two lows and three highs” waste incineration, the annual incremental reduction, reduce the average size, improve construction standards, improve operational level, industry concentration degree increased. In the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the production and in the construction of waste incineration plant is expected to exceed 300 seat, day incineration treatment capacity is expected to reach 30 million tons, 45 period will continue to maintain the trend of rapid development.
          In the kitchen garbage processing, “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the country’s total plan of kitchen waste processing investment 10.9 billion yuan, has the national development and Reform Commission has been four group announced the development of kitchen waste processing 83 pilot cities. As of the end of 10 , at least 66 cities have completed the pilot project bidding, at least 33 pilot projects in the city have been put into operation or are about to be put into operation.
          A prediction, “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the production and in the kitchen garbage treatment facilities is expected to more than 200 seats, daily processing capacity is expected to reach 3.0 million tons, “45” period will continue to maintain the trend of rapid development.
          Expected in 2015 the country will reach about 35 million tons of wet sludge, sludge disposal market or will usher in the outbreak period.” Zhang Yi said that the market size is expected within five years of the disposal of the sludge or up to about 100 billion, and now is a good time to cultivate core competitiveness, ready to meet market challenges.
          This year, the attention of the soil remediation growing temperature. Zhang Yi believes that is being developed in the soil pollution prevention and control law “, the soil pollution prevention and control plan of action” and other policies and regulations will support the long-term development of the soil remediation industry, soil remediation market is giving birth to tremendous opportunities, is expected to future into trillion market size.
          Is worthy of attention is that the corporate mergers and acquisitions or to change the pattern of the market.” Zhang Yi said that solid waste treatment enterprises listing and financing will continue to be hot, core enterprises listed will further accelerate the pace, but also accompanied by capital and market risk. He believes that the future will be more powerful enterprises expand through the market, business integration, vertical or horizontal mergers and acquisitions, in order to achieve the expansion of the industry chain extension and business scale, PPP business model, Internet thinking mode, the pollution of the environment the third party governance mode once implemented or implementation are likely to change the existing pattern of segments of the solid waste.



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