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          -12-04Industry News

          How to solve the rural domestic waste management model in china?


          In the recently held a national rural domestic waste management work in television and telephone conference, the Minister of housing and urban rural construction Chen Zhenggao, launched a comprehensive rural living garbage 5 years special treatment, 90% of the national village life garbage treatment, reversing the situation of the rural environment dirty and messy, and the formation of long-term mechanism of rural life garbage treatment.
          Only 37% of the administrative villages were treated with domestic waste.
          “Now a lot of rural areas around the village, many farmers still living in the environment of garbage everywhere. They look forward to the improvement of the environment, looking forward to a better living conditions, this requirement is not high, is at least the right, but also the basic livelihood projects, we have no reason not to meet the requirements.” Chen Zhenggao said.
          Rural living garbage has become one of the most outstanding performance of the rural environment dirty and messy. On the one hand, with the rapid progress of urbanization, some of the past only in the city of living garbage has become a major component of rural garbage, can not be accounted for the rapid increase in the proportion of garbage. On the other hand, garbage piled up, leading to the mountain of garbage malodorous, mosquitoes flying. At present, China’s rural residents about the resident population, the annual production of about 1.1 tons of garbage, of which 0.7 tons are not done any treatment, equivalent to more than 200 a year, a hundred layers of garbage”.
          “According to our preliminary statistics, as of the end of 2013, the 58.8 million administrative villages, living on garbage were treated only 21.8 million, only 37%, 14 provinces is less than 30%, or even less than 10% of the province’s ethnic, visible our work is still lagging behind, the future work of the space and the potential is huge.” Vice Minister of housing and urban and rural construction Wang Ning said.
          Although solve the garbage around the village has been imminent, but there are still four major problems of rural domestic waste management. A is the place to pay enough attention, rural living garbage management has yet to be put on some local government’s agenda, and system construction, the division of responsibilities and other related work is still relatively lagging behind; the second is control method is simple and extensive, classification and reduction and resource use is not generally push, a serious shortage of facilities and equipments, more than 70% of the processing method relatively simple, there is phenomenon of secondary pollution of “edge treatment while pollution”; the third is the masses to participate in the enthusiasm is not enough, many places is “government dry, farmers see”; fourth, lack of funds, governance costs not included in the local financial budget, construction and operation costs of the gap is quite large.
          In the past 5 years, the financial investment has increased by 20% annually, and the market mechanism is explored.
          “The cost of rural living garbage governance, finance is bearable, local governments also have this ability,” Wang said “current in the nationwide comprehensively promote rural living garbage management, subjective and objective conditions have been met, is a very good opportunity.”
          From 2009 to 2013, all levels of financial investment in rural domestic waste management increased year by year, with an average annual increase of 20%; the proportion of administrative villages for the treatment of garbage increased by more than 5 percentage points.
          “The goal of special treatment is objective and reasonable, and it can be realized. The key depends on the implementation and action of local.” Ning said that Guangxi afterburner in 2011 after the to promote the rural life garbage treatment, within two years of MSW for processing of the administrative villages in the proportion has increased by 30 percentage points. “Less developed areas can be done, the country must also be able to do.”
          Implementation, first of all to increase funding efforts to solve the problem of where to come from money. According to the requirements of 5 years of special treatment, local governments at all levels is rural living garbage management of funds to raise the subject, must be governance costs included in the financial budget of the local government, is to ensure the construction of facilities and equipment costs, the second is security operation cost, and the third is the difficulties of the township, the village collective and farmers subsidies, fallback responsibilities.
          Ning said that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development support local actively explore the introduction of market mechanism, gradually rural life garbage treatment projects onto the market, through the operation of the market to raise funds, but also with relevant consultations and strive for the existing special funds to rural living garbage control tilt.
          Grasp the implementation, we must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of rural grassroots cadres and farmers to encourage the village collective investment and payment of farmers to solve the village cleaning costs. Guangxi Hechi City Yizhou city mayor Zhou Yafei, Yizhou 95% of the villages set up as voted on by the villagers, the bearer of the party Council. These members of the Council without pay, is responsible for the mobilization and organization of villagers to participate in village garbage treatment. Village 1651 collection and processing facilities, according to the wishes of the villagers to build, after the completion of a vacant.
          Governance should not copy the city, across the board, a gust of wind”
          Rural waste management must have a scientific model of rural life garbage disposal, can not copy the city model, but also can not engage in one size fits all”.
          At present, there are two main types of rural garbage disposal. First, the economy is underdeveloped, the county area, the implementation of the source classification reduction, moderate centralized processing mode.
          Two is the economy developed, the county area is not large, the implementation of urban and rural integration model. Sanitation facilities, technology and management mode of coverage extension to the town and village, on rural living garbage implement unified revenue and expenditure, to the county for final processing.



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